Replacing Drugs and Mass Shootings with Higher Thought


What PASRAM can do

1. I can convert drug and alcohol addiction into spirituality and education. I have 30 years of study and research (since Aug 19, 1989) applied to this problem combined with a natural ability to heal the spiritual part of drug addiction in self and others since before puberty. 

2. I know how to solve the mass shooting  problems. In May 1998 when the school shooting problems became an obvious problem I was the only person in America with a clue to the problem's cause. I have been doing personal research about the problem since May 22, 1998. As Humanity continues to explore outer space this problem will grow absent my number based solutions. 

3. I have overcome the differences between religions that cause conflict. This gives me the ability to not only unite all forms of religion and spirituality, but to unite religion with other forms of higher thought such as science, arts, and mathematics. This will be a major step towards world peace. 

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What PASRAM Does Locally


  1. Provides free tutoring with miracle results using methods very similar to Applied Scholastic. Any student in normal physical condition without serious nervous system problems can be brought up to his/her grade level or above.  
  2. Provides free addiction counseling while training persons to convert their drug addiction into higher thought. 
  3. Works to revitalize churches by increasing their spiritual size, which results in increased congregation size. 
  4. Training of others via email communications

What PASRAM Does Nationally & Globally


  1. Provides consulting to any established organization or government that seeks to raise moral and educational standards while tolerating small differences among peoples. 
  2. Works toward ending persecution of persons with spiritual and physical handicaps while raising awareness about such handicaps. Define handicaps and why its a handicap. 
  3. Letter and email writing to support diverse groups working together for the benefit of the human race. 

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Total salaries are 36,000

Total expenses are 6,000

All monies above salaries and expenses are used to fund education campaigns, advertising and marketing, and assisting and facilitating advancing the interests of any entity working toward improving the state of higher thought or reducing drug use. 

If any of the above changes the website will be updated accordingly.