About Us

My tutoring accomplishments

I have only had two opportunities to tutor others and both resulted in miracle improvements. 

1. In 1997 I tutored a 15 year old girl who was in special education and working on a 3rd grade level. I realized that she was actually a genius. I worked with her one hour with her parents present and she improved more than one full grade level. I repeated this on two more occasions before her fundamentalist pastor put a stop to this. Before my miracle work was stopped I had her take her work to be graded by her school teachers to demonstrate that her being in special education was a misplacement. 

2. In Sept 2017 I was asked to tutor my neighbor, a boy aged 13 who didn't know his addition or multiplication tables and made a lot of mistakes doing math. I worked with him for 3 months until he was doing algebra. He is now doing well in school and is caught up with his class. 

My domestic terrorism accomplishments

In May of 1998 when the school shooting problem started I was the only person who understood the problem. I knew a US Marshal named James Kohlbecker (9/11/1928 to 11/20/2016). I called him and explained the problem to him. I gave advice to Jim K and to the FBI about mass shootings. I would have long conversations with Jim K about how to handle well known national terrorists and it would become national policy the next day. I advised the execution of Tim McVeigh and not allowing the surviving 9-11 terrorist to become a martyr. I have had a significant influence on national domestic terrorism policy. 

My energy policy accomplishment

On October 4, 2006 I answered a web form and advised the George Bush administration on how to become more energy independent. I explained that while alternative energy can't produce enough energy to replace oil, people in the oil industry could also invest in alternative energy to reduce oil dependence little by little. This was the basis of the "Pickens Plan". This idea has saved America more than a billion dollars per year and  I was never paid.